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In hot pursuit of a good lobster roll, my roommate and I drove to New London to visit Captain Scott’s Lobster Dock. The lobster was fine, but what’s with the bad, white, Wonder bread rolls? If you want fresh, melt-in-your-mouth just-baked dough, order the clam fritters. I guess they’re New England’s version of a hush puppy minus the corn and onion. They were YUM! and tasted like they’d been deep-fried within the hour. After dinner we strolled the dock and watched the seagulls fight for french-fry territory in the dumpster. The evening still young, we drove down the road to Groton and landed at Avery Point. In the silence of dusk, we watched the sun set and a black submarine slide into the mouth of the Thames River from Long Island Sound.

Texas Lime


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Tart. Sublime. Good with beer. Or add sugar and blend it. My last post, Men in Lavender, got me going on men in beautiful suits, so here’s a postscript: George Jones in a lime green suit and custom cowboy boots.

george jones

Men in Lavender


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Ah, lavender and tangerine. Love the colors and the fragrances! A few years ago tangerine was the color of the year for designers. Yesterday I was watching a clip of an old Miami Vice episode and a young and tan Don Johnson got out of a car in lavender pants. What looked like a gorgeous, summer-pale, lavender linen. Works for me. Heck, I grew up watching The Temps dance in tangerine suits, and lavender suits with shoes to match! Here are The Temps with lavender pants front and center, in lavender silk some years ago, and a recent photo of them decked out in tangerine in Bakersfield, California on May 8, 2012. Bakersfield photo posted by Doc and Meachie.





1,000 white women


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A gift of one thousand white women is what a Northern Cheyenne chief requested of U.S. Army authorities at a peace conference at Fort Laramie in 1854. He wanted them as wives for his warriors because he came from a matrilineal society and he recognized the white man represented a new world which held no place for Native Americans. Because all children born Cheyenne belonged to the mother’s tribe if she was not Cheyenne, in addition to belonging to the Cheyenne, this request seemed the perfect solution to assimilation into the white man’s new world.